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 Below is a few distinguished fashion bloggers that have recognized True Dolly's unique attributes and style. Feel free to click on their picture to check out their continuing endeavors surfacing the internet! Please hold your applause till you've seen them ALL!


 Name: Mary Lane Townsend


 Category: Online Blog 

 Website: New York Cliche

IG: @newyork.cliche


 About: New York Cliche is a daily New York lifestyle and humor blog. It is a resource and entertainment for all who heart NY. Content covers events, destinations, and trends as well "only in NYC" observations and personal stories. The blog strives to fully capture both struggles and magic of calling NYC home. Locals read for influence and commiseration. NYC visitors read for itinerary ideas and inspiration. For those with big city dreams, New York Cliche is the perfect way to live vicariously in the mean time.





Name: Grace Reband

Category: Onling Blog/ Instagram Influencer 

Website: Jetset Journal

IG: @ajetsetjournal 

About: Grace has been spanning the internet and instagram for X years now. With 15K+ followers on Instagram, her unique content ranges from fashion and beauty to food and entertainment (ie...This is US). Her Instagram page is flooded with style tips, product and beauty recommendations, where to finds, and of course a pic or 2 with her squad. A special thank you to Grace for squeezing us into her busy schedule for a nice shoutout to True Dolly!






Name: Ambrose Respicio





Title: Professional Dancer/Choreographer/Stylist

Website: IG: @shablambrose 

About: A San Diego Native Ambrose is an accomplished dancer who has performed with credited singers such as Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson XXX etc. A distinguished performer himself, his busy schedule is filled with Master Dance classes, rehearsals and photoshoots. 





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